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Custom-made Roof Trusses

Whatever the complexity of your commercial, residential, multi-residential or institutional project, our custom designed and manufactured roof trusses will satisfy your requirements in terms of quality, strength and performance.

Why Pick Clyvanor Roof Trusses?

Produced from high-quality dried wood, our roof trusses are rapidly manufactured to your specifications.

Our roof trusses offer flexibility and versatility

  • Greater design flexibility thanks to a longer clear span.
  • Simplified repositioning of partitions without altering the framework structure.
  • Vaulted ceilings are easy to create.
  • Very long spans (over 24 metres or 80 feet) for commercial and agricultural buildings.
  • Versatility in working with wood, steel and masonry framing products.

Performance of our prefabricated roof trusses

  • Precise dimensions thanks to factory manufacturing under rigorous quality control, thus avoiding on-site construction problems.
  • Excellent thermal characteristics and easy insulation with large spaces available for its installation.
  • Quality above industry standards and applicable code requirements through optimized design

Cost-effective roof trusses

  • Lightweight and easy to handle making transportation simple.
  • Straightforward to install, thus reducing on-site construction time and skilled labour requirements.

With its large production capacity, on-call technical support and detailed installation instructions, Clyvanor is the perfect partner for construction projects requiring efficiency, speed and performance.

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