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Custom-designed Wooden Floor Trusses

Our wooden floor trusses are designed, optimized and manufactured according to your requirements and application needs. Regardless of the structure you have to support, we will design the beams to meet your needs.

Why Opt For Clyvanor Open Web Joists?

Whether you are a designer, builder or owner, wooden open web beams with metal connectors are your best bet.

For the designer, our wooden open web beams have more to offer

  • Greater strength and rigidity for long spans provide more flexibility by minimizing the need for load-bearing walls and beams.
  • Greater possibilities than the traditional range of wooden beams currently available when it comes to the size of your building.
  • Precise matching to your specific requirements thanks to computer-aided beam design and calculations, thereby facilitating the design of tailor-made projects.
  • Resistance to higher loads exceeding all building code requirements and standards recognized by the construction industry in both Canada and the United States.

The benefits of using our beams for your construction project

  • Designed and manufactured specifically for your project, to your exact dimensions and delivered on-site just in time.
  • No on-site handling such as cutting and adjusting for reduced installation time and labour costs.
  • Simplified mechanical and electrical installation thanks to spaces allowed in the beams, thereby lowering subcontracting and specialized labour costs.
  • No unexpected surprises or delays as a result of a clear quote when ordering your prefabricated beams.
  • Flexibility: possibility of embedding load-bearing elements without the need for stirrups, joists, edges, or easily installed braces.

Building owner benefits

  • Savings in materials and labour.
  • Prefabricated wooden open web beams eliminate vibrations and offer increased comfort.
  • Quality and durability, which increases the value of the building on resale.

With its large production capacity, on-call technical support and detailed installation instructions, Clyvanor is the perfect partner for construction projects requiring efficiency, speed and performance.

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